Q.S. Control Corp is a general trading company.electric fireplace, Romanian wooden building materials,etc.
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Takatsuki-shi, Osaka,

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Q. S. Control Corp is a general trading company treating the article of a wide field from building materials to food. We supply the superior article which continues being produced in many parts of the world and send them to all over the world.

We are "Innovation Company" which means that we ascertain needs from a market changing every day by the trend and the demand of social conditions, and find out the solution from the world and create the added value!!


We are always working for supply our high quality article and service in this modern society which always demand new innovation.

We cover many products in very large field.
Building materials are such as the equipment of Solid Surface Materials and Cultured Marble, wood materials from Romania and food products are such as healthy juice from New Zealand.

Our mission is supplying safer and reliable products and service to all customers.

Thank you.

>> electric fireplace
>> romanian wooden building materials

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